Fàilte gu Acadamaidh Uisge-Beatha Ìle
Welcome to Islay Whisky Academy

Islay Whisky Academy provide Professional Technical Theoretical Comprehensive Whisky Education.

Islay Whisky Academy deliver Lectures, Workshops, Presentations, Courses, Seminars, Experiences, Tastings, Adventures and Inspiration…


Consider & Study:

Chemistry, Copper, Peat, Tradition. Water, Barley, Yeast.
Weather, Wood, Business Models, Shape of Still, Funding. Warehousing.
Customers, Distribution, Marketing. Buyers, Drinkers, Investors.
And MANY other aspects of the business of distilling….

Learn Enough to Start your Own Distillery

Islay Whisky Academy 2022

September 26 – 30, October 24 – 28, November 21 – 25

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Learn according to time you have available:
Choose from One hour lectures to 6 Week online courses,
Choose from One Day Workshops to 5 Day Residential Diploma Courses

We invite you to consider and examine Scotch whisky in context; developing your awareness of Scottish Heritage & History, Culture, and Language, and the elements of the world that come together to create
Scotch Malt Whisky.

Leave Islay Whisky Academy having made friends, not contacts.

….traditional stories, like traditional songs, are closely kindred to the traditional seaways, in that they are highly contingent and yet broadly repeatable.
A song is different each time it’s sung, and the variations of wind, tide, vessel and crew mean that no voyage along a sea route will ever be the same….

The Old Ways.

A whisky is different each time it’s drunk.
The company you keep, your mood, your location, why you are drinking; all these variables will effect a change in your experience of a well loved whisky.

Spirit of Education

Build Your Own Custom Whisky Tour

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