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Tasting Notes: Octomore 10.2 Bruichladdich

OCTOMORE 10.2 from Bruichladdich. 8 YO. 96.9 ppm. 56.9% abv Tasting Notes done in Bowmore on Saturday 4th April 2020 - in Corona lockdown!! Will this affect the flavour…?? Only kidding! COLOUR: Dark auburn gold.  Huge bubbles in ring around rim when poured - this...

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Whisky is coming Home

BRINGING WHISKY HOME: literally! Entering a new decade I look forward with excitement, not back with analysis… I’m anticipating great changes in the Scotch Malt Whisky Industry. Whisky will be produced for two markets. One which feeds the new whisky drinkers and moves...

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THE ISLAY WHISKY ACADEMY Diploma 21 – 25 Oct 2019

WELCOMING THE BIG HITTERS  @ THE ISLAY WHISKY ACADEMY 2019 MONDAY - Morning Lectures: David Webster: GEOLOGIST and author of A GUIDE TO THE GEOLOGY OF ISLAY. The influence of geology on water. Different water influences whisky making. Octomore Spring: James Brown...

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In my Mouth I Hold the World

In my Mouth I hold the World This Liquid. This pale lemon, gold flecked sparkle. This tawny, amber, dew. This glittering, glistening gift from earth. Heavy, oily, light, dry. Velvet mouthfeel, long finish. Tongue coating, lips tingling, warmth rolling to the heart....

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