Vol. 1 Courting the Dram

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Vol 1 Courting the Dram

* TEXTBOOK: 22,000 words, images, photos.

* WORKBOOK: Tests, quizzes, projects, tasks.

* VIDEO: 2 X individual whisky education films

* PODCAST: with Stuart Letford, Editor of Bagpipe    News online


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Yes. There are TWO ways to study online with The Islay Whisky Academy.

INFORMALLY: You purchase Vol 1 Courting the Dram. You complete courses in your own time – it doesn’t matter how long it takes. At the end you will complete some tasks and tests, then, you can down load your own CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. YOU decide when you are ready to download your completion certificate.

FORMALLY: You purchase Vol 1 Courting the Dram. You enrol with The Islay Whisky Academy as a student. You send your WORKBOOKS back to us to be marked. You engage for a Year’s study and sit an exam. You are awarded a Qualification Certificate upon passing.

The Islay Whisky Academy carries our own AUTHORITY to award Certification. We are working with other registered bodies to bring an additional level of Certification to our new courses.

At the moment we are offering Vol 1 Courting the Dram Course to purchase. When our new website is ready we will offer people the opportunity to register as students and enrol on our FORMAL WHISKY EDUCATION PROGRAMMES in Nov  2020.


The Islay Whisky Academy WANTS EVERYONE TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS IT – regardless of circumstances. This is why the price is pitched so reasonably.  I am aware that it is priced far too low for the content provided  – but I don’t want a great whisky education being the privilege of only those with a good income….



Because this is a very special unusual whisky course, there are connection to many things. The tagline is SCOTCH IN CONTEXT. So,  this course is whisky within the contexts of Piping, Geology, Chemistry, Poetry, Music, Philosophy, Food, Stories, Humour, Language, Land, Elements, Scotland – obviously! and many other aspects of life.

WHISKY AFFINITY © is the Thinking Persons Whisky Course

WHISKY AFFINITY © is the Scotch Lovers Whisky Course

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the Whisky Geeks

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the Production Buffs   (you will love Vol 2 ALCHEMY OF DISTILLING – launching Dec)

WHISKY AFFINITY © is like no other whisky course in the world!

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for people who think they have no interest in whisky but will be enchanted with the connections to other things in life and they will be charmed into whisky….

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for those who love Scotland

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the curious

WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the passionate

WHISKY AFFINITY © is the online course for people who love Islay and can’t get here because we are all grounded this year due to Covid!

WHISKY AFFINITY © is the ideal gift for your friends and family

WHISKY AFFINITY © invites you into the Heart of Scotch Whisky Kinship….


WHISKY AFFINITY © is brought to you by regular publication of Volumes. It is like a WHISKY ENCYCLOPEADIA – every 3 months a new Volume will come out.

Vol 1 – Courting the Dram

Vol 2 – Alchemy of Distilling

Vol 3 – An Elemental Perspective

and so on.

Each Volume contains an information packed TEXTBOOK, a WORK BOOK and VIDEOS.  All volumes will be of the SAME HIGH calibre as Courting the Dram, but will explore aspects of PRODUCTION, TAXATION, RESPECT, HERITAGE, BARLEY, PEATS, PEOPLE, SKILLS and etc.

As all this information is brought to you through the concept of SCOTCH IN CONTEXT you will learn how all these aspects of whisky and whisky making connect to life as we know it – or life as we DID know it… !

WHISKY AFFINITY © is an EVER GREEN COURSE. This means, because it is written as it goes along, all the information is FRESH, TOPICAL, PERTINENT and up to date.

As soon as our new website is launched for The Islay Whisky Academy, you will be able to sign up for a year of study and receive 4 X Volumes of WHISKY AFFINITY © at a special package rate.

All students of Courting the Dram are invited to join us in The ISLAY WHISKY ACADEMY KNISHIP Group on facebook. This group is for students who have attended our Islay Residential Diploma Courses, but we have now opened it up to include students of WHISKY AFFINITY ©. It is a wonderful group with lovely people and is hosted by myself and the very friendly, knowledgeable Neill Murphy. You are involved in online tastings and ceilidhs, and invited to participate in cask share and special exclusive bottles for members of The Islay Whisky Academy Kinship.

If you have any further questions about Vol 1 COURTING THE DRAM, or WHISKY AFFINITY © online whisky course, please  email me at [email protected]

or you can contact us through any of our social media platforms.

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