New York, here we come!

The Islay Whisky Academy is planning to join New York Tartan Week in April 2023 to connect Scotland with the world.

New York Tartan Week is a week-long celebration of Scottish culture and a springboard for Scottish-American cultural exchanges. Formed in 1999, the Tartan Week presents a rich programme of social, genealogical events, food and drink exhibitions and more!

The week culminates in a Tartan parade through the centre of Manhattan. Each year, a notable Scot is invited to be Grand Marshal – previous years have seen Sir Sean Connery, Alan Cumming, Sam Heughan, KT Tunstall and Karen Gillan head the parade!

When we talk about sharing the spirit of Scotland, we mean more than just Scotch whisky. The spirit of Scotland alludes to the vitality of the land, the shared memories carried by the Kinship, the cultural knowledge borne by the water of life and countless other threads in the tapestry of Scottish Gaelic heritage. 

In sharing the spirit of Scotland, the Academy promotes a richer understanding of the drams we drink. We offer a warm and welcoming setting in which to learn about Scotch in context and invite all those who are interested to join the Kinship. 

Our mission is also to encourage you to appreciate what you drink on a deeper level. The Academy connects you to the world around and demonstrates a more informed and considered way of enjoying whisky.

During Tartan Week 2023, the Islay Whisky Academy will host tastings, lectures and workshops, as well as various other events. We will promote the Gaelic language, raise brand awareness and build community and partnership with our American hosts.

The Enchanting Scotland Show

The Enchanting Scotland Show debuted at Fèis Ìle 2022. Participants from all over the world journeyed from Scotland’s PAST to PRESENT through stories, culture, music and of course, whisky.

In 2023, The Islay Whisky Academy will bring The Enchanting Scotland Show to New York Tartan Week. 

Flyer from The Enchanting Scotland Show 2022

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about IWA @ New York Tartan Week. 

In the meantime, please get in touch if you are interested to learn more and be a supporter of the Academy. We would also be deeply appreciative if you or your business would like to collaborate with us or sponsor this amazing experience.