Date: Monday 29 May.

Time: 15.15 

Duration 1 – 1.5 hours

Tickets: £35 

Location: Around a Bonfire.

We will email you the day before with details as the location is weather dependent. We will go to a beach where the wind is not blowing!


Islay Whisky Academy are excited to bring more Magic to Feis Ile. 
Not only do we have Whisky & Witches Show, we have A Taste of Scotch and Shamanism. 
Sharing the Spirit of Scotland’s old ways. Sitting around a Bonfire.
A light hearted fun introduction to the spirits of the
4 Quarters North, South, East and West
paired with 4 stellar drams. 

Explore 4 amazing single malt Scotch Whiskies paired with each Quarter of the Earth.

Have fun learning something new and interesting. 

Learning old Traditions and values which are eco friendly. 

Bring the Past into the Future


West – Rivers Owl Sea Salmon, Wisdom  Medicine. Ancestors. Tir nan Og. The Void.

North – Bear Eagle Stars Earth –  Strength.

East – Sun Fire Dragon Salamander, Sunrise. Dawn. Green growth. Wildness. Energy of Life

South – Horse  Creativity, Affection, Dance, Imagination, Fertility. Warmth.


How unusual does this sound?

 If you explore further you will find the connections for yourself.

All welcome. Over 18 Only.