Discover History, Culture, Kinship and Craft

Discover Whisky, Impart Spirit

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Islay Whisky Academy will draw you into a community with a heart and soul. A steeped passion for whisky, spread beyond Scotland, loved around the world. Develop, expand and improve your whisky knowledge through Islay Whisky Academy’s WHISKY AFFINITY Course. Imbibe our spirit, embrace our soul. 

Volume 1: Courting the Dram

To court means to pay attention to something. It means working to develop a deeper relationship with the subject you are courting. Courting is an “old-fashioned” concept but it perfectly describes our approach to whisky in Volume 1 of WHISKY AFFINITY©

Volume 2: Alchemy of Distilling




Coming soon…


Our WHISKY AFFINITY© course is designed to be incredibly enjoyable to self-study (you even get a certificate!) and those who wish to take things further can purchase 1-1 Tutoring or join our Formal Qualification Programme.

Formal Qualification Programme participants can also register their interest in our exclusive Residental Diploma. This highly limited annual retreat invites a curated group of attendees from around the world to join our founder Rachel MacNeill on Islay and visit a wonderful selection of distilleries for the experience of a lifetime. 

Find Your Kinship

At the heart of WHISKY AFFINITY© is Kinship. Making friends, not contacts. Discovering others who share a love of whisky as deep, perhaps on occasion deeper than your own. Upon purchasing a WHISKY AFFINITY© volume, you will be invited to our private social media channels and will begin global friendships that will hopefully meet one day on Islay, around a barrel of something wonderful.