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Diploma Weeks

Since 2015, Islay Whisky Academy has hosted the incredibly well-loved and much-coveted Residential Diploma Weeks. Organised with local distilleries and industry experts, the Residential Diploma is a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the production and distillation of Scotch whisky. 

Come to the beautiful isle of Islay and experience the nuanced role of ingredients, environment, business and culture in the whisky-making process. Learn about whisky the way it was made: as part of the rich tapestry of Scottish Gaelic heritage. 

Experience it all, from barley to bottle!

Residential Diploma Weeks are held 4 times a year, following the seasonal nuances of whisky production. For example, in spring, you’ll see the planting and growing of barley; in autumn, the harvested barley is put out to malt. See our available dates to select which week you’d like to attend. 

Most importantly, connect with fellow whisky enthusiasts! You won’t be the only whisky lover here- we’re all part of the Scotch Whisky Kinship. Meet as acquaintances, leave as friends.  

What to Expect

Join us for 5 days of intensive whisky wonder. We’ll prepare an itinerary of whisky lectures, workshops, distillery visits, tastings and dinners. 

These activities will be technical and rooted in whisky production. At the same time, they emphasise the ingredients of whisky and elements of the environment.


Watch the video of the Islay Whisky Academy Residential Diploma from Spring 2024… 

Arising from Gaelic Culture

Whisky is intrinsically connected to Scottish Gaelic culture. When you learn about whisky during our Residential Diploma weeks, you will see whisky situated in Gaelic literature, music, art and history. After all, the water of life is best appreciated in its cultural context. Celebrate our heritage with us!


The residential diploma week running in Spring 2025 costs GBP £2,250 for the entirety of the week. This covers 5 days and 6 nights. Included is accommodation and local transport on Islay (e.g. travelling between distilleries). You must arrange your own travel to and from Islay.

You will first pay a non-refundable deposit of £450, then pay the remaining balance 1 month before the start date of your booked Residential Diploma Week. Please let us know 6 weeks in advance, by the latest, if you wish to reschedule your booking.   

Book Your Diploma Week