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The Islay Whisky Academy is embarking on a bold new adventure with the release of an exclusive single cask bottling. Full details below.

Port Sgioba 18 Year Old Islay Single Malt

The Islay Whisky Academy presents an exquisite single malt from the magical island of Islay.  

This exceptional single cask was distilled at one of Islay’s world famous distilleries. 

The spirit was distilled from barley peated to 40 ppm and then matured for 18 years in an ex-bourbon cask.

The whisky has been bottled without artificial colouring or chill filtration at 48.2% abv.

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Tasting notes by Rachel MacNeill. 

Colour: Pale Gold. Like loved Mother’s wedding ring.

Movement: Slow, evenly spaced, languorous, sensual teardrops.

Top Notes: Gorse flowers on a warm sunny day. Vanilla and coconut. Milk chocolate. Tar and honey and a fizzing sweetness. Fresh asparagus poached in salted butter. Cigar Smoke. Sweet vanilla honeycomb. Wet dog fur! Blancmange. Triangle-cut white bread crustless cheese sandwiches. Dusty layer, old stones with sunshine dust motes swirling.

Creamy, oily salted creme caramel. Old wooden beehives hanging with fresh honeycomb frames. American Cream Soda – I have never found this in a bourbon cask before – usually only in Bunnahabhain sherry casks. A sweet, buttery open aspect. Thin, crumbling speckled blue egg shells on a stony shore after the chicks have hatched. 

Peat swirls around bringing a counterpoint to the mellow sweet notes. Fresh, comfry plant leaves growing in the cool, damp floor of a wood. 

A buzz from the alcohol fills your nose. Fresh cream whipped with flecks of lemon and orange zest. 

2nd Nose: Rich, creamy sourness, a hint of violets and bluebells on the breeze. Cheesecake drizzled with dark, sharp chocolate. 

Palate & Mouthfeel: The liquid moves in the mouth like a rich, heavy satin. Swirling around like a bee moving from flower to flower. 

Sweet notes forward with dark peat at the back of the mouth and the top of the throat. A mellow matureness in the chest. 

Oak and peat at the back of the mouth. Like drinking a vanilla and honey ice cream float under a pine tree on a dappled Summer’s day. 

The dram is vertically layered with a complex and delicate sweetness swirling through rich creamy liquid leavened by a mellow peat that holds the structure in balance. 

Satin smooth liquid, slightly acrid peat and oak and a wonderful glowing orb of warmth down in the chest.

A wonderful, unusual, perfect dram.

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