WHISKY AFFINITY ® © Online Course

Enjoy a dram with Rachel in the world's First Scotch in Context education course, and take a deep dive into the how, what, why and where of Whisky.

Vol 1 - Courting the Dram

£55 GBP
  • TEXTBOOK: 22,000 words, images, photos.
  • WORKBOOK: Tests, quizzes, projects, tasks.
  • A personal invitation to join The Islay Whisky Academy Kinship Group

Who is the WHISKY AFFINITY © online course SUITABLE FOR?

In short – EVERYONE!

Because this is a very special unusual whisky course, there are connections to many things.

Understand Scotch in Context as you explore and enjoy whisky within the contexts of Piping, Geology, Chemistry, Poetry, Music, Philosophy, Food, Stories, Humour, Language, Land, Elements, and Scotland.

WHISKY AFFINITY © is the Thinking Persons Whisky Course
WHISKY AFFINITY © is the Scotch Lovers Whisky Course
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the Whisky Geeks 
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the Production Buffs  – you will love Vol 2 ALCHEMY OF DISTILLING
WHISKY AFFINITY © is like no other whisky course in the world!
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for people who think they have no interest in whisky but will be enchanted with the connections to other things in life and they will be charmed into whisky….
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for those who love Scotland
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the curious
WHISKY AFFINITY © is for the passionate
WHISKY AFFINITY © is the online course for people who love Islay and can’t get here because we are grounded this year due to Covid!
WHISKY AFFINITY © is the ideal gift for your friends and family
WHISKY AFFINITY © invites you into the Heart of Scotch Whisky Kinship….

Be excited, be involved, be inspired.

Learn whisky from the inside.

Learn how to think about whisky, how to approach it, how to deconstruct it.

Expand your understanding and increase your confidence

Perfect your Nosing & Tasting Ability. 

*Course material will be sent within 7 days via WeTransfer