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Ardbeg Corryvreckan Tasting Notes

Slow fringing teardrops/legs. Very satisfying coherent movement of liquid in glass when swirled around.
Cold slices of roast mutton. Raspberries. Pears. Sultanas.
AMAZING! Mouthfeel is SO heavy and malleable. Liquid moves like heavy, old, high quality satin.
Absolute buzzing on front of gums – like they are about to sneeze!
2nd Nose:
Coiled tarry ropes. Fresh white peaked icing on a Christmas cake.
Lovely linger into the chest. Takes a while for this to arrive. Timing is amazing – mouthfeel diminishes, then you feel the sensations in your chest.
2nd Palate:
Adrid Peat and honeycomb. Amazing balancing sourness at the back of the mouth from the oiliness.
This is a fantastic dram. I forgot how good it is.

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Whisky Tango (maybe Foxtrot…)

We have each whisky paired with a specific Tango song and dance. People can either watch or join in the Tango after hearing a bit about the dram and why it is chosen to pair with the dance/song.

There is a dance after called a Milonga. – Milonga is a style of dancing – more cheeky and flowing than Tango itself, which is intense and sentimental and very much controlled sensuality.

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Scotch & Trees Pairing

Trees are like whiskies and like people. Trees have different characters, shapes, voices, and behaviours.
Trees like hanging out in certain groups, there are types of trees with whom they are friends. Some trees are sociable, some trees – mostly female trees – are pioneers!
Thinking about Trees and whisky in this way allows us to match the character of certain excellent whiskies to the characters of certain trees.
As we learn more about each whisky, we learn more about each tree.

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OCTOMORE 9.3 Bruichladdich
Lemon, sea salt, cereal. Furniture polish. Nougat. Light and fresh aspects. A dustiness, something that reminds me of coal!
Fresh mussels and lobster. Apples. Sweet and salty.

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A Trip to Aberfeldy

Islay Whisky Academy Kinship Host, Neill Murphy, reflects on a visit to Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery in Highland Perthshire. Scotch Whisky in Context.

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