Welcome to the Scotch Whisky Kinship

The Islay Whisky Academy champions the creation of meaningful personal connections. Through our shared experiences with whisky we foster a supportive community that spans the globe.

Completing a course with the Islay Whisky Academy is only the beginning of your journey. The water of life cultivates a sense of community among those who drink it and this sense of belonging is hugely important to us. Our events are a portal to the Scotch Whisky Kinship. Across continents and time zones, beyond professions and backgrounds, the Kinship brings whisky lovers together. Through online get togethers, debates and conversation, tutorials and tastings we connect to our kinship.

SCOTCH IN CONTEXT – The difference between a good dram and a great one is the company we share it with.

The water of life is more than just a liquid to be sipped, it is a spirit to be CELEBRATED!

Join the Kinship and celebrate whisky with a global community.