The Whisky and Witches Show

IWA Open Day @ Feis Ile 2023

Thur 1 June @ Rhinns Hall, Portnahaven

15.15 – 17.15  WHISKY & WITCHES SHOW ~ £65

Be immersed in a Mystical, Magical, Musical Experience. 

Hear haunting songs  exploring Scottish and Nordic Mythology. 

Experience an immersive tasting, exploring 6 X  Single cask drams, 5 from  Spiritfilled,  1 private single cask from Islay. 

Through tasting SIX SPECTACULAR AND RARE Single Cask whiskies  … Travel with us to the realms where folklore, whisky and mystical music meet in perfect harmony. Stimulating all your senses to enjoy the ultimate experience.

Behind Whisky & Witches we find the team: singer-songwriter and whisky experience ambassador Christine Kammerer, and whisky aficionado and owner of the whisky bar The Mother Superior Bar, Jane Ross.

The Whisky and Witches Show has a few EXTRA surprises for you, too. 

We look forward to sharing the MAGIC with you. 

Come along and be ENCHANTED

Tasting Show lasts approx 2 hours.