Whisky For Girls (and Guys!)

Before the Islay Whisky Academy...

Whisky For Girls was created to demystify the language of Scotch whisky distillation and bring it to women in an intelligent way. It explained the esoteric terms and made previously guarded knowledge accessible to all who were interested.

Rachel MacNeill started Whisky for Girls around 2005 to support women who drink whisky and to introduce more women – and men – to whisky. 

A lack of knowledge has nothing to do with gender. Only a lack of teaching. Whisky for Girls made technical information about whisky available in an accessible way. 

Whisky Feminism

A feminist believes women and men are equal under the sun and that our communities, societies, institutions, companies, governance, schooling, religion and lives must reflect and embody this EQUALITY. A feminist “fights” to gain this equality for women.

Both men and women can be feminists. If you uphold these beliefs and drink whisky you can be a WHISKY FEMINIST.