BOWMORE ~ The CHANGELING 22 YO Tasting Notes

The Changeling  BOWMORE 22 YO

20 and a half years in bourbon cask, and 18 months in white port casks.

Casks are from the 80s – the famous era!  giving it a more floral note. (French Whore’s Perfume  Look it up… 😉)

PPM 25 -30 of malt.  PPM around 11 in bottle.

What is a CHANGELING? A changeling is a fairy being who has been swapped for a human child.  

There are various reasons given for the fairies’ penchant for stealing human children. Some tales imply that the young mortals are destined for lives as servants or slaves, or are kept (in the manner of pets) for the amusement of their fairy masters.

There are Changeling stories from all over Europe.

Here is a very good website with information on CHANGELINGS         CLICK HERE




Bubbles on top of liquid on inside of glass for minute upon pouring – this can be a sign of a higher abv.

As I poured the dram the first aroma I got was oranges.



Umber, dark orange gold.



Fringing on the legs. Really slow. Liquid is very muscular and unctuous.



Honey, peat, wet oak. Oranges. Freshly made egg custard. Slightly tart, sharp, sour white wine.  Gooseberries, greengages.

A wonderful smell of a pile of logs that have been left in the woods and forgotten about. There is moss growing on them, the logs are breaking down and fresh green grass is growing up through them.  The wood is nurturing the fecundity of the site.

Strawberries and cream. Corn on the cob smeared with butter.

Asparagus. Warm slice of white bread lightly toasted smeared with butter and orange marmalade.

Reminds me of eating a chocolate orange sweetie while out in a rowing boat!

Walking through the heather on a warm day. The sky is open above your head, and a sweet floral layers of scent drifts up as you walk along.

Mashed potatoes and butter.

Milk chocolate and fresh peeled hazel nuts.

Warm cooked rice pudding.



Really muscular. Very oily for a Bowmore. Totally different to normal. A lovely mouthfeel.  The liquid moves like heavy satin. There are lovely drying tannins around the cheeks and on the outside of your gums.


2nd NOSE

Slightly sour aroma of peardrops. Milk chocolate caramel bar.

The image I got is like being inside one of these hamster balls you hire at music festivals, but instead of it being clear, you feel you are encased in textured orange light!

The brilliant tangy sharp smell of seaweed on the shoreline on a warm day.

The curly, freshly sour green leaves of bramble briars.



Soft length into the chest. A warm fuzzy feeling down to the breastbone.



I love it. A very unusual dram.  A different Bowmore style from what we are used to nowadays.

Totally a CHANGELING Bowmore!


Slàinté mhath!