Tasting Notes - Caol Ila Moch

8 – 10 Years Old

All refill casks

Around 38 PPM – parts per million phenol – how we quantify the peaty flavour of the whisky.

43% abv ~ alcohol by volume. How strong the whisky is – 43 % is not that strong, in comparison to other Scotches. 

MOCH translates as EARLY – or in this instance DAWN.  We would say moch madainneach. English translation is “early in the morning”. 

This is a lovely gentle introduction to the Caol Ila drams.  Presently Caol Ila is the Islay dram most easily accessible to Independent bottlers. This is because the other Islay distilleries want to keep all their spirit to bottle themselves. 

MOCH could be regarded as “entry level” Caol Ila. But this term implies it is somehow lacking – I don’t think entry level bottles are “lacking” – they are just not as in your face! as the peated drams we are used to from Islay distilleries. 

Colour – Pale Gold. Chinks in the glass.

Nose: Dusty, salty, sweet, like floral washing up bubbles in a bowl of dishes.

White wine, hay, bit of sourness, young fresh sourness! Raspberries, smoke, talcum powder. 

Into heart – chalky, raspberries again, dusty, musty, beeswax, lemon, shortbread, oranges, sweet whipped cream. Gorse, honey, swirling caramel. A bit lightly doughy like those lightly cooked shortbread circles from some coffee shops.

Mouthfeel~ not silky, mostly in the mouth, not a long length.

Length~ a slight echo into the chest.

Slàinte Mhath

Thanks to Billy Stitchell, Ben Shakespeare and Douglas for photos. Also IWA.

By Rachel MacNeill