We are all part of something bigger – come and join the Celtic Kinship!

Across seas and channels, firths and lochs, we are united with our Irish and Welsh cousins in the Celtic Kinship. With a connection that goes back centuries, this historical Kinship is brought to life today through whisky!
For this tasting, we have selected three Celtic country distilleries  – to explore the bonds between Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. We’ll dive into a discussion of the social and political relationships between the three countries through the lens of whisky.
The tasting will be joined by Islay Whisky Academy Kinship Member and PhD student Cerys Knighton, presenting the Penderyn Hiraeth from Wales, and Waterford Distillery Head Distiller Ned Gahan from Ireland.

Together, these Celtic whiskies impart a connection that transcends the geographic.




Thursday 2nd June, 2022
13.00 – 14.00

Tickets are £20 per person

18+ only
Location: Rhinns Hall, Portnahaven, Islay