Celebrating Scotch


Distilleries make whisky and age it in damp, cavernous warehouses.

After storing for 10, 12, 18, 22 years it is bottled and sold to the public, often to drink at ritualistic times in our lives. At thresholds, at doors ways in time, in celebration, in commiseration. To support us and to comfort us when times are hard. To celebrate and proclaim when times are good.

To toast and precipitate the Gods.

Whisky is drunk at momentous occasions, birth, marriage, death, and anything in between.

Whisky is taken to ‘wet the baby’s head’, celebrating the life of the newborn child.
Whisky is present for us as we enter the world and it is present for us when we leave.
Whisky is shared with friends and mourners at the graveyard to give succour to withstand our grief. Whisky marks the passing of life from this life into the next.

Uisge Beatha ~ the water of life.

Scotch whisky is the drink taken to mark the threshold between one year and the next. It is present at the death of the old year and the birth of the new.

At the threshold between the old year and the new, we respectfully stand. As the clock strikes midnight, we lift a glass of uisge beatha ~ the water of life – to our lips.
Giving thanks to the past, we herald the future. We offer a toast to New Year.

We toast the New Year, and the health of those around us. We remember those who are no longer with us, and toast their memory.

Whisky and Time are synonymous ~ alchemy ~ birth~ death~ new year.
Drinking Scotch malt whisky, we drink the wor