WE HEART BUNNAHABHAIN ~ as they say on Twitter! What a FANTASTIC open day.

Beautiful drams ~ the Bunnahabhain is so smooth you drink it like Mother’s milk. Manager Andrew Brown told Whisky for Girls ~Bunnahabhain 18 years old is like fruitcake, rich and sweet and fruity. Whisky for Girls say; It slips over your tongue, you don’t even think about adding water. The Bunnahabhain 12 years old is similarly smooth.

The hospitality was great ~ we were offered Raspberry fruit smoothies with a dash of 12 year old. Such a healthy breakfast: fruit and whisky~ sets one up for the day!
The band played mellow music, the sun shone, dozens of people signed up for Whisky for Girls IT’S NOT JUST WHISKY FOR GIRLS CLUB, a lovely lady from the USA ordered a Whisky for Girls Hand made Silver charm bracelet. We metthe cool Neil & Joel from http://caskstrength.blogspot.co.uk/~ cool and knowledgeable (you don’t always find the two together, but you do with these guys!)

Then,Whisky for Girls got a ‘whisky in the shoe’ picture withBunnahabhain ManagerAndrewwith THE No.1BOTTLE of the Bunnahabhain Festival Bottling 2012.

This dramhas an Amontillado sherry finish which gives it a sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel. It is a single cask 54.3% 12 years old, and therewere 346 bottles. Manager Andrew said it can be reminiscent of American Cream Soda! It is young and rounded, with a long finish, slightly dry.
We met a bunch of Italian guys (one of whom is married to an Islay girl) who have their own whisky club ~ S.M.I.LE.~and cometo Islay for the festival

The guy in the yellow shirt did very well at the Bunnahabhain tossing the caber competition!
Whisky for Girls met Dominik from Germany,Marty fromAmerica, Sandy from Scotland and people from everywhere ~ this was a multicultural day. People lazed on the grass and watched the ferry sail down the sound, they ate clams cooked with whisky, they danced to the band, they bought cakes and prints of the distilleries ~ and they drank drams and drank more drams!

It was a great day ~ thanks to Bunnahabhain Manager Andrew and all the team for their wonderful hospitality. Whisky for Girls and everyone will definitely return to Bunnahabhain next year!