Fàilte Gu Acadamaidh Uisge-Beatha Ile

Welcome to the new Islay Whisky Academy Website. We hope you like it!

The Islay Whisky Academy offer Whisky Education Courses, Whisky Tastings and Magical Experiences for those who appreciate Islay and whisky… 

Let us greet you and show you our beautiful island. We take you to Distilleries and introduce you to the local people who make whisky.

Immerse yourself in our rich heritage and island traditions. Drink high-calibre Scotch malt whisky. Access rare, unique bottlings not available anywhere else. 

Explore the science of distillation: Why are stills made of copper? What is the difference between French oak & American oak barrels? Learn to nose and taste – find notes and flavours of Scotch in “blind” Tastings. What does yeast contribute to spirit flavour? How does peat flavour Islay whisky? Learn all answers and more with lectures, talks and demonstrations from Islay Whisky Academy.

From Barley to Bottle – you benefit from in-depth knowledge, moving seamlessly from the basics of whisky making to the most complicated aspects of the process.

Smell burning peat as it smokes the barley at Laphroaig, Bowmore and Kilchoman. Listen to stories of whisky and smuggling, of battles and bravery. Of magic and mystery, of pipe tunes and seafaring. Walk along Machir bay and feel the waves pounding the sand as they roll in across three thousand miles of the open sea. Drink in clean air, beautiful scenery, history and heritage. Enjoy the company of welcoming and friendly locals.

Relax and let all stress slip away as you savour your Islay Scotch whisky – or local Islay gin…

For more info contact rachel@islaywhiskyacademy.scot

Rachel MacNeill