OCTOMORE 9.3 Bruichladdich. Tasting Notes


Aged 5 years. PPM 133

62.9% abv.  Islay Barley.


Pale gold. Shiney. Large bubbles upon pouring that quickly disappear.  Very thin band of gold.

Thumps and slaps in the glass. Not a light fragile liquid…


Lemon, sea salt, cereal.  Furniture polish. Nougat. Light and fresh aspects. A dustiness, something that reminds me of coal!

Fresh mussels and lobster. Apples. Sweet and salty.

Rhubarb and banana. Damp fecund barley germinating on the malt floor.

Silver polish – Silvo, and a duster cloth!

Sweet gorse, honey and red currants.

An old stone stable without the horse in. Something that makes me think of sitting at the fire in a red tartan covered armchair.

Sweet minerality – an aroma of ducks around a pond/puddle in a farm yard.

Honey comb and brine.

Butter, nougat and bananas. Fresh flowers in a dail.

Damp newspapers just catching alight in an old, hardly used beach cottage iron fireplace.

Sweet sophisticated icecream moving to cheesiness, then the hosed down stone floors of an old milking byre.


Honey mouthfeel. Sticky drying tannins on the front gums. Rich oily mouthfeel, like runny syrup.

Mostly concentrated at the front of the mouth. Tingle on the tip of the tongue. Lovely buzz on the gums above the front teeth. A delicious numbness on the inside of the lips.


Nice direct warmth down to the breastbone.

A nice sensual dram.