Barley is composed of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and minerals.
High protein barleys are generally valued for food and feeding, and starchy barley for malting.
Malting barley requires no less than 97% germination.
 Six row barley can produce 25-60 grains per ear, while two-row barley produces 20-30 grains 
Ears (heads) per m2 can give 750 ears. Grains per m2 can be15,000 grains.

Scotch whisky (malt distilling) use low grain nitrogen barley 
Malts for grain whisky (grain distilling) use high grain nitrogen barley
Spring barley (SRUC recommendations) October 2018 ~ 
Name of barley -
 Concerto > 70% of Scottish malting intake
Odyssey – Limited and declining interest
Laureate – Potential to be a market leader
Optic – No longer on the recommended list
Belgravia – Grain distilling variety
Propino – Biggest brewing variety (in UK)
Sienna – May have limited use in distilling
Octavia – Could develop niche in brewing and distilling
To be on the safe side barley requires less than <14% moisture for long term safe storage.