Thig còmhla rinn gu Acadamaidh Uisge Beatha Ile

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Heart of Scotch Whisky Kinship

From the Home of Whisky direct to your Home!

As not eveyone can visit us in Islay – especially at this time.

The Islay Whisky Academy have created fantastic online course  WHISKY AFFINITY (c)

 suitable for full on whisky geeks & connoisseurs, beginners, enthusiasts and industry buffs

WHISKY AFFINITY (c) shares theoretical, technical, professional and cultural Scotch whisky knowledge with you.

Please email [email protected] for further details about WHISKY AFFINITY (C) 

We’ll include you on our WHISKY KINSHIP LIST.

 Our online educational course provides a fresh perspective on Whisky and Whisky Production – from the Inside looking out and not from the outside looking in.
We have no interest in producing something that has been offered before.

WHISKY [email protected] derives from an authentic Gaelic Celtic Consciousness.
This is the awareness that birthed uisge beatha.
Mac na Braiche is Siobhraich à Ìle agus Air Astar
Malts and Magic from Islay and Beyond

WHISKY AFFINITY (C) our online course will launch in August. 

Email [email protected] 

for further details and to join The WHISKY AFFINITY KINSHIP