Whisky as medicine in the realm of women..

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WHISKY AS MEDICINE in the realm of women.

For cleaning wounds

For removing ticks

Hot toddie for cold

For toothache

In baby’s milk to soothe

To warm one up

For shock

Mum used to give me whisky in my coffee after walking the dog on a winter’s morning

Consumption of distilled spirits gradually lost its association with spiritual symbolism and medical treatment and instead became a public health issue as abuse of spirits (often of dubious quality) became rampant.

Nevertheless, reverence for fine spirits has endured as a testament to their ancient origins and mysterious powers.

Whisky as medicine – Laphroaig as medicine ~ natural soporific ~ my Grandmother always had a dram at night.

Connection to baptism by fire. Gnostic Christian Cults. Spirits could preserve human flesh – seemed to confirm the notion that they could confer long life and immortality when drunk.


We use the phrase Slainte Mhath! (Good Health) when we toast each other with a dram. Charles MacLean tells that one does not use the toast Slainte Mhath! unless one is drinking spirit. It is too powerful for association with beer. Or lesser alcohol.

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