Tasting notes: Ardbeg Gallileo

Ardbeg Galileo

Distilled in 1999 ~ 49% volume.

A golden honey colour. Not very viscous. Fast, thin legs.

First nose ~ fruity, vanilla, oaky, salty. Rich tar, warm honey, reminds me of bees.

Quite a voluptuous dram. Dark woody notes, with cloves. ~ bananas, salty and tarry.

Taste ~ something light just waved in ~ baked apples, hayloft and smoke. Woody notes in middle. Smokey, a hint of polish and dusters, kind of custard.

Layers are fruity on top with woody and smokey in the middle layer.

Velvet mouthfeel, very smooth ~ sharp burn under tip of tongue,

Light smoke in length. You think there is nothing then it appears 

2ndnose ~ lemony, fresher, hint of fresh coffee! Sharp custard, bluebells?

Oak and acrid burn from the smoke and peat. Quite harsh at end of 2ndmouthful.

This is a manufactured dram, honey & smokey, thin and smooth. It is addictive, in the way that Pringles are ~

Its an Ardbeg Lagavulin!