Ardbeg Galileo

Distilled in 1999 ~ 49% volume.
A golden honey colour. Not very viscous. Fast, thin legs.
First nose ~ fruity, vanilla, oaky, salty. Rich tar, warm honey, reminds me of bees.
Quite voluptuous dram. Dark woody notes, with cloves.
~ bananas, salty and tarry.
Taste ~ something light just waved in ~ baked apples, hayloft and smoke. Woody notes in middle. Smokey, hint of polish and
dusters, kind of custard.
Layers are fruity on top with woody and smokey in middle layer.
Velvet mouthfeel, very smooth ~ sharp burn under tip of tongue,
Light smoke in length. You think there is nothing then it appears
2ndnose ~ lemony, fresher, hint of fresh coffee! Sharp custard, bluebells?
Oak and acrid burn from the smoke and peat. Quite harsh at end of 2ndmouthful.
This is a manufactured dram, honey & smokey, thin and smooth. It is addictive, in the way that Pringles are ~
Its an Ardbeg Lagavulin!