Tasting notes: Laphroaig Cairdeas Feis Ile 2016

Cairdeas 2 (640x426)

Cairdeas Madiera Cask. 51.6% abv

Amber, reddish colour. Orange. A thin, clear band of gold, like silicon around a bath…..

Very fast legs, very young, very thin dram.

Apple brandy. Alcohol tingle to nose hairs!

Red apples. Like the whizened, wee russet apples you get at Hallowe’en with the grey, brown pimpled areas on their skin. (Yes, we still have Hallowe’en in Scotland, none of your ‘trick or treating’ nonsense….!)

Like dried litchen.

Oily, like fine oil on a concrete garage floor.

Very abrupt, high green notes.

Strange perfumey, dustery notes. Reminds me of an old piano keyboard….

Paraffin, or something like that, sulphur.

Underneath, very far underneath, I recognise a Laphroaig.

Tomatoes, plum tomatoes – acidic.

Ferns, hazelnuts.

Like dogs, animal, oily gutted fish.

Something outside… mushrooms..?

Oh crikey, I don’t like it! I cannot believe the same person who created Lore created this.

I am never keen on the Laphroaig Feisle bottles…. remember the banana one??
But, wait…

Laphroaig are very clever. They create drams that cut across the palate spectrum of us all.

So, maybe YOU will love it!