Whisky For Girls Song

Whisky for Girls has had a song written especially for us.

The very talented singer-songwriter Pauline Bradley https://www.facebook.com/Pozzyb has written a song for us called Whisky for the Girls.

It is sung to the tune of Whiskey in the Jar ~ and it is great!

It tells the story of a girl meeting Captain Flannel and he takes her to a party, but he is a bit salacious, and there is no whisky, so she leaves.

She travels further and meets a guy who takes her to an ale house but still no use as there is no whisky, so she leaves. She then sees a woman standing like an angel with a glass of whisky, or is she a rebel?

So, she follows her and goes to a brilliant party where they are laughing and dancing and drinking whisky. And they sing ~ It’s Whisky for the Girls!

Pauline came to Islay for a couple of days this week, had a tour around the distilleries, and sampled a few choice drams. She played music where ever she went. We had a wonderful time.

Whisky for Girls and Pauline intend to record the song ~ perhaps with a couple of skirls of the pipes thrown in for good measure.

The song will be available on cd and as an internet download.

We will keep you posted as to when it will be available to purchase.

Whisky for Girls thanks Pauline Bradley very much for writing this wonderful song for us ~ and more importantly; becoming our friend.

We will be singing this song for years to come ~ in Islay and all over the world!

Myself and Pauline toasting the song @ Bruichladdich Distillery. Notice the piece of paper on the table near Pauline’s hand? ~ That is the very special song sheet!