Whisky for Girls - Dramming for the Discerning

Whisky for Girls enjoyed our time at the London Whisky Fest. We met lots of great people and drank lots of great drams. I was on a Women & Whisky panel with the wide-eyed expert from Jameson, Dierdra McBeth, the power keg Helen Stewart from Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and the workshop was hosted by the elegantAlwynne Gwilt from Miss Whisky.

Before the panel began I wandered around the hall speaking with some of the women who had come along to the festival itself. Whisky for Girls wanted to know more about the London ladies’ whisky demographic!

First off I met with Melanie and Mona, both from London. I asked them if they had tried whisky before.

~ Yes, both were whisky drinkers. Melanie had been introduced to whisky by her father and Mona was introduced by her friends – namely Melanie! Mona has been drinking whisky for about 3/4 years. She likes a Jameson with ginger ale, or ice and water. Melanie has been drinking whisky for ages and likes Chivas Regal for every day and Laphroaig for special occasions! How impressive that the first women I spoke with were knowledgeable about, and drinkers of, the uisge beatha!

Next, I spotted a glamorous group of four friends in the corner. They were like the girls from Sex and the City! The girls were Ameera, Melanie, Mary Ann and Christolene. They were mostly beginners, but Melanie has some experience with whisky because her Dad drinks it ( there is a theme here somewhere…). For Mary Ann, it was her first experience and Christolene described herself as a novice. They had come along as the festival had been on a special deal offer and they thought it would be a good day out – something new to try.

I told them I was on the Women and Whisky panel running later in the day, and that I had a lovely bottle of deep rose-colored whisky called Black Art with me ~ and lo and behold Ameera and Melanie turned up at the workshop to try it! It was lovely to see them. Also, the lovely partner of the London Distillery Co. turned up. Thanks, girls, I hope you enjoyed the drams we showcased (which were Redbreast from Jameson, Black Art from Bruichladdich, and Audrey Hepburn in a ball gown from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society)


Next along, I met a wonderfully unusual lady called Kate Dicey. She had dragged her partner/husband Alan to the event ~ not that he was complaining! Kate lives in Kent but has Scottish blood. She is from a Scottish family and has been drinking whisky for forty years ~ an inspiration to us all!! She drinks whisky at home and away, prefers the grain over the grape and her favourite dram is a Caol Ila cask strength of 25 years. And she runs a wonderful costume-making business for amazing hats, bridal wear, and historical & fantasy clothing, and it’s called Jolly Dicey.

Here is the link www.jollydicey.co.uk The business tagline is Costumiers to the Discerning ~ I’ve decided to paraphrase it, and call Whisky for Girls ~ Dramming for the Discerning!

Slainte to all the amazing ladies who turned up for the event. I wish I had time to speak with everyone ~ but I think time in London goes faster than time in Islay.

Never mind, we will see you at the next whisky festival ~ where ever it is.