Around 55 PPM – parts per million phenol – the concept we use to compare peatiness in Scotch whisky

57.1% abv.

Day for Tasting is Tuesday 29 August 2023.

Weather is dry, really blustery day with sunshine, but low misty rain clouds approaching across Loch Indaal from the Rhinns.


Brassy musty gold.

Coating the glass with oils.

Slow fringing teardrops/legs. Very satisfying coherent movement of liquid in glass when swirled around.

Top Notes

Tar. Sweet salty pepper and tangerines.

Slight hint of kippers. Salty lemon water.

Tar and old straw. Wooden beams. Sparkling fizziness. Old, damp cardboard – from an old cereal packet left in a tent by the shore.

A spaciousness – imagining flying upside down in an old fashioned wee plane.

Smoked mackerel and redcurrants. Rippling of honey comb.

Fizzy lemon sherbet.

Old faded ruin of a red brick wall with dried crumbling mortar, with ivy and greenery climbing upon it.

Lemon marshmallows. Fizz and acrid kick of alcohol and peat.

Cold slices of roast mutton. Raspberries. Pears. Sultanas.


AMAZING! Mouthfeel is SO heavy and malleable. Liquid moves like heavy, old, high quality satin.

Absolute buzzing on front of gums – like they are about to sneeze!


2nd Nose

Coiled tarry ropes. Fresh white peaked icing on a Christmas cake.



Lovely linger into the chest. Takes a while for this to arrive. Timing is amazing – mouthfeel diminishes, then you feel the sensations in your chest.


2nd Palate

Adrid Peat and honeycomb.  Amazing balancing sourness at the back of the mouth from the oiliness.


This is a fantastic dram. I forgot how good it is.

Over all – Orange marmalade on a honey slathered peat!

Slàinté mhath!