Octomore 10.2 from Bruichladdich

OCTOMORE 10.2 from Bruichladdich. 8 YO. 96.9 ppm. 56.9% abv

Tasting Notes done in Bowmore on Saturday 4th April 2020 – in Corona lockdown!!

Will this affect the flavour…?? Only kidding!

COLOUR: Dark auburn gold. 

Huge bubbles in ring around rim when poured – this denotes high alcohol content

SOUND: Tinkles on top when you shake the liquid with a deeper slap against side of glass – this denotes creaminess and viscosity of liquid.

Thin band of gold floating on top of liquid – this denotes oils contained within.

Top Notes: Honey, gorse, salt. Delicious burnt sugar on top of crème caramel. Hazel nuts. Young gorse needles. 

Coffe, toffee, vanilla. Bacon & Honey. Dusty old paper in a farmyard loft. Honey comb. 

Milk chocolate and new tan shoe leather. 

Alcohol tingle inside your nose… like just before you sneeze after taking snuff – such a delightful tingle! 

Custard and dusters! Baked eggs. Gorse and runny honey leading to mushrooms with a hint of steamed broccoli. Broccoli?? Yes, first time I have used this tasting note! 🙂 

Baked custard, honey again. Sharp line of something tarry. Like tar on the pilings under an old pier. 

Sunshine. American soda. 

MOUTHFEEL: Satin with lovely drying tannins of peat and oak underneath. You feel them on the insides of your cheeks. Warm, fuzzy buzz in the mouth. 

LENGTH: Warm down into chest. Lingers for ages. 

2nd nose now more vegetal overall. 

Summary: Top strata of honey rolling along on thin delicious ribbon of peat.